Sunday, August 29, 2010

Step up fever.

I want watch this movie badly !! Aku follow movie ni since part 1. Sangat la best cerita ni. I want. I want.


Nak ciluk time bila entah. Orang sibuk shopping and buat persiapan untuk raya, bila tanya aku ? Senyum sokmo ajee. :D Tak raya pun aiman tak kisah. kan. kan. kan. Hati terluka gila bila sebut pasal raya ni. TSK..!

So, jangan cakap pasal raya tapi cakap pasal Step Up ni. Nak tengok.. Wuuu..!

Friday, August 27, 2010

seawalking ???

Sounds interesting kan??? I want try this badly!!!!!! Since tinggalkan sekolah, aku dah tinggalkan semua aktiviti yang best-best macam camping, menembak and olahraga also. Awhh shit man! I miss all that badly. But seriously aku nak try seawalking ni. Hahaha. Diving pun tak pernah, terus nak try seawalking kan., tapi tape. serious nampak best gila. Let's check it out.

Gila la weyhh.!! tak payah pakai oksigen tank yang buat muka kau huduh tu kan. Pakai ni bole senyum and bernafas macam biasa. I WANT..!!!! seriously laa. Siap bole pegang-pegang ikan, tapak sulaiman and all that. Seawalking ni ada dekat Bali, Australia pun ada if i'm not mistaken tapi jangan risau dan jangan bimbang, dekata negara kita pun ada. Ada dekat Sabah. For more info bole click disini, Borneo Seawalking . Siapa nak bawak aku pergi ?? Syiiokkk nya if dapat pergi kan. Wuuuu.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All or Nothing ??

I know when he's been on your mind
That distant look is in your eye
I thought with time you'd realize
It's over over
It's not the way I choose to live
And something somewhere's got to give
As sharing this relationship gets older older
You know I'd fight for you
But how I can fight someone who isn't even there
I've had the rest of you now I want the best of you
I dont care if that's not fair

Cause I want it all
Or nothing at all
There's no where left to fall
When you reach the bottom it's now or never
Is it all
Or are we just friends
Is this how it ends
With a simple telephone call
You leave me here with nothing at all

There are times it seems to me

I'm sharing you with memories
I feel it in my heart
But I dont show it show it
And then there's times you look at me
As though I'm all that you can see
Those times I don't believe it's right
I know know it

Don't me make me promises

Baby you never did know how to keep them well
I've had the rest of you
Now I want the best of you
It's time for show and tell

Cause you and I

Could lose it all if you've got no more room
No room inside for me in your life
Cause I want it all
Or nothing at all
There's no where left to fall
It's now or never

P/s I love you ♥