Friday, May 18, 2012


Almost 3.30am. I'm here, sitting at my study table with the bloody notes but please, currently playing bingo! All time favourite game. Hahahahahaha!. I read the notes for few lines but then i'm yawning more than the words that i read. dafork mengg..

One paper is done, and another three to go before i can go for my holiday. Its almost for four months yaww. yeaaayyerrrsss!! Time flies so so so fast, rasa macam baru je register untuk foundation about..... three years ago? Like seriously?? Ada anak, dah pandai cakap dah pun. wawawawa!

So here i just wanna do a short wish list for myself after exam. pfftt!

1. Playing bingo continously.
2. Swimming till i found shark in the pool (FTW!!)
3. Start doing exercise at the gym to gain back my stamina for 2013 mission - climb Mount Kinabalu, hell yeah!
4. I can go here and there without being worried about exam, homework,test, assignments blablabla
5. Sleep and wake up whenever i want
6. Pick a day for hiking at Broga as one of the preparation for Mount Kinabalu
7. Cook my favourite dish till everyone vomit

Thats all on my mind (so far). I really want to do everything without thinking anything about schools. But not to forget for job hunting since i have to collect money as much as possible for the trip on April. I really hope i can found the job as soon as i finish the exam. Sigh! Wanna go to sleep now. Night night ;)

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