Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis

To have a smart gadget is everyone dreams today in this globalize era. Perfect with everything inside and everything is all in one. In the time you can save your money, u are able to save your time too. It is doesn’t matter you are from babies to adult or you are a housewives to a successful peoples. Everyone deserves to have something that can make their life getting much easy.

So with Ipad Apple from Maxis you can get all that just like one two three. Sure you that you can get all the information, news and gossips only from your finger. Easy right ? But as a human being, nothing will make you satisfied.  For example, with your salary 2k per month, sure you will dreams to get 3k or 4k salary per month. And once u get 3k or 4k salary per month, sure you want more more more and even more for a better life.

 In this so much technologies era, everyone needs something that can make them get highest satisfaction with what they have. And on the same time we need to create something that can help human finish all their work in the fastest and easiest way.  So here i want to introduce my application which is focus more to a designer and cartoon designer.

Introduce my “Human Figure Scanner (HFS)” as one of the application in Ipad. This application will help the entire cartoonist a lots. Why I’m saying like that, this is because HFS is come with 360 degrees laser will make the cartoonist can complete their work in a short time. This 360 degrees laser is covering on the Ipad screen.

Let say the cartoonist want to draw a basketball player shooting the ball to the net. If use the manual way, they need to draw each of the situation. From the player holding the ball, bend their knees, raise their hands and throw the ball. This step by step method will take a long time for them. So by using HFS, they can make it as simple as one two three.

What they need to do is, put the Ipad in front of them while they want to shooting the ball, then just shooting the ball to the net without hesitate. Here the 360 degrees laser will do their job, which means they will scan all your action and transform to an animation. So you just needs to do a small adjustment on your animation if you are not satisfied with them.

I just give a simple example so that you can imagine how amazing my application is. So there’s a lots of benefit for this application especially the cartoonist and designer. For designer, let say they want to put their dress on the animation body, so they just wear the dress and stand in front of the Ipad then the HFS laser will scan while on the same time automatically turn to animation. Easy right.

With this application, the designers and cartoonist, they will save their time a lot and on the same time they will save the cost too. Cost for paper, pencil, colours and so much more. With Human Figure Scanner, you can get your idea turn to what you want drastically. So you don’t worry if you will forget your brilliant idea, get your Ipad now and sketch !

Now you can transfer all your idea just in a few minute. No more eat, sleep and even bath in front of your imac just to think how to finish all your design and animation. Wherever you are, you can do your job perfectly. Left your imac at home and bring your Ipad wherever you go.

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